Risk Management and Insurance is key to the sustained access to trails in South Africa, especially when considering that the bulk of land in SA sits in private hands.

In an effort to make our trails insurable, we have developed an extensive Trails Management program.
We cannot expect our insurers to extend cover to our actions without us taking responsibility for our actions. If the risk is deemed as high, our premiums will sky-rocket and eventually we will find ourselves 'un-insurable".

Are we creating Spooks?
Yes, we do not have the same litigious environment as in the United States or Canada, but we already see our landowners asking the question of insurance and liability. The SAPPI project is simply the first in what we expect to be many, where landowners will require us to maintain insurance as clubs and trail operators. 
And we are not talking cheap and accessible 3rd party Public Liability insurance. We require our clubs to offer their officers and members to carry Proffesional Indemnity insurance as we are involved in giving advice through our trail design and construction projects.
It will be a sad day when a volunteer is sued, but that day is coming...

The Basics
By maintaining a sound trail management strategy that includes design, construction techniques, signage and a structured maintenance program, we can mitigate and manage the day-to day risks on our trail very successfully.
There are many elements to negligence law, follow this link on the IMBA website for the basics.
Amarider maintains an extensive insurance policy designed to cover affiliated clubs, trail and events. Important!
1) You cannot expect cover if you do not adhere to the basics of our management program. 
2) Insurance is the last line of defence, good practice comes first

An additional policy covers Spread of Fire incidents to assist our affiliates who operate in Forestry Zones.

Contact us for more info in this regard.



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