Rogue riding is and will be taken very seriously.  Appropriate measures will be taken to support those that endorse and report any illegal activity.

June 2016 report

9 riders where issued with Rogue Riding Notices


- Always ensure that you are aware of who's ground you are riding on

- Always buy your permit, don't take a chance

Amarider Rogue Riding Policy 

As endorsed and supported by:

FNB W2W, ABSA Cape Epic, and MTB events organized by MTB Adventures, Stillwater Sport & Entertainment, Dirtopia and PPA. Trail systems supporting the policy include Delvera, Simonsberg/Knorhoek Valley, Welvanpas/Bain's Trails, Wannabees/Helderberg Trails, Paul Cluver, Oak Valley, trails managed by Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club and others.

This policy document is intended to coordinate the trail policing efforts of the various trail management stakeholders and provide effective consequence to trail users who fail to abide by the   “No Permit, No Ride” rule.

Incident reporting mechanism:

1) All incidents of rogue riding will be reported in writing making use of the official form available for download on the website. (Trail systems with websites can certainly carry this)

2) The report is first submitted to the trail steward/manager. Where a report is submitted directly to Amarider, the trail steward will first be notified.

3) It is up to the relevant trail system Chairman or Owner to escalate the incident to Amarider.

4) Once escalated to Amarider the rider is sent a written warning requesting him/her to cease the activity. The relevant trail manager is copied in this letter.

Trail Systems have 14 days from the date of the transgression to submit a report.

5) Step 4 places the rider on the 1st Transgression list (managed by Amarider)

6) Should a rider generate a second complaint (from same or other trail system) the rider will be required to sign an admission of guilt form. To prevent him/her from being placed on the Banned Rider list, a R1000 fine is payable to Amarider. Failure to sign the admission of guilt form automatically places the rider on the Banned Rider List.

7) A 3rd transgression moves the rider to the Banned Rider List. A rider will be banned for 1 year from the time of being placed on the Banned Rider List.

8) A rider wishing to protest against any consequence as described in the points above will have the right to a disciplinary hearing. The disciplinary committee will comprise of the Director of Amarider and a representative of the relevant trail system(s).

9) Trail Systems reserve the right to institute internal disciplinary processes prior to escalating a report to Amarider. These could take the shape of warnings and fines.

10) Transgression reports can be submitted to 



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